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November 22, 2014

I took up quilting as something to engage my then teenage daughter in. We started with little 12×12″ precut blocks that we got from a craft store. We did all the sewing by hand. Gradually I ended up buying all the pieces needed to complete a full size quilt. The entire sewing on this patchwork quilt was done by hand. Little diagonals coming together to make squares and rectangles with a bit of applique here and there, all done by hand including the final quilting and binding. Incredible amount of sewing by hand as spring saw summer and finally by the waning daylight hours of the approaching fall.

All consumerism leads to more consumerism even in the pursuit of individuality. This is how I came home one day with City Quilts by Cherri House. Log Cabin and its sequel Quilt #3 & #4 came out of ideas borrowed from this book. Log Cabin and Quilt #3 have parallel lines of diagonal stitching which provides a visual contrast to the square motif of the 10×10″ patches. These parallel lines were done on a sewing machine. The word quilting is technically meant for the final step of putting together the top and bottom fabric layers and the middle layer of padding (more known as batting) and the stitching used to accomplish this.

All the while I was working on the next precut, block of the month variety of quilt. This is called Tulip Twist.

By now I had amassed a number of different fabrics, scraps of it in fact. Looking for new ideas I came across the sewkatiedid blog. From this came the next quilt. I am going to call this The Walk. This is a quilt that I never photographed. What I have is only the pictures of the sketch work, the design. The plan was to take all remaining fabric regardless of color or pattern and cut out 4″ square pieces. An equal number of 4″ squares are needed out of a plain color fabric. From this a 4″ square consisting of half print and half plain can be assembled. One can create one’s own design by assembling these half print half plain squares. What came out was an abstraction.

One of the great books I have read is The Persian Pickle Club by  Sandra Dallas. There is murder and intrigue. But mostly women quilting, in groups and alone. In the Viking Sewing Gallery I advanced from merely stitching colorful pieces together to decorative work. We worked on a design called Heirloom Quilt over a period of twelve months. Practice makes perfect. Several variations came out of this. Whether a skill becomes an interest or an interest becomes a skill staying busy is not all that bad. Mind has its own track.


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